23rd Annual Invitational Black Bull Sale
Saturday, January 14, 2023


- Established 1936 - Willis Family Owned & Operated Since 1967 -

Our History

Columbia Livestock Market is a family owned and operated business since 1967 by John, Beth, Jeff & Wade Willis, and is located just South of Lake City on US Highway 441.


We hold a cattle sale every Monday at 1:00 pm. Lunch is served prior to the sale in our restaurant. Goats and sheep also auction at the beginning of each sale, if available.


John, Beth and Jeff Willis are on sight before, during and after the sale to assist our customers with any questions or concerns regarding the sale order, bidding process, price of cattle and transaction process.


To watch the sale online, go to www.lmaweb.com and click on Live Auction Tab, or, click the button below!

The Willis Family



Holiday Updates


Monday, December 26th

Monday, January 2nd


Holiday Schedule

2022-2023 Schedule

Upcoming in 2023:

First sale:

Monday, January 9th

23rd Annual Black Bull Sale

Saturday, January 14th


Monday Sale

Every week

1:00 PM


Receiving Cattle:


Sunday 12 P.M. - 8 P.M.

Monday starts 7:30 A.M.

Sale starts 1 P.M.

These are scheduled industry closed weeks.